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Online Reputation Management

It goes without saying that Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a very important thing to consider for yourself and your company. More and more people are doing research online, and more specifically the search engines, before they do business with a company or individual. Just as shoppers utilize review sites and comparison shopping engines, HR departments utilize Google search.

This makes Online Reputation Management (ORM) extremely important. This involves making sure that there are enough positive listings ranking for your name or brand in the search engines. The idea is to shield your search results from negative reviews indexed by the search engines. There is a good chance that negative reviews will rank for your name/brand. Go ahead "Google" yourself to see if anything negative is there.

There are two types of online reputation management. Proactive Reputation Management and Reactive Reputation Management. We are sure you can guess which of the two is more painful to deal with!

Building a strong online presence for your business requires playing both offense and defense. We have an array of online reputation management (ORM) tools and services to help you beat the competition by ensuring a strong and positive presence in search engines.

We have the capabilities to mobilize a massive effort to promote a positive online presence for your company. Or conversely, we can engage in "damage control" to combat any negative press, blogs or reviews about your brand that might pop up in search engine queries.

Why is online brand reputation management crucial?

The answer is simple:

your brand's online persona is your first impression to potential customers. And first impressions count a lot in cyberspace. Study after study demonstrates that web surfers have notoriously short attention spans. If you fail to capture someone's attention – or, worse, if you're tagged with a negative association off the bat – odds are you won't get a second chance to make your case.

But what if you operate a top shelf website and/or boast a thriving brick and mortar presence? Surely these substantive positives will shine through and combat the negatives engendered by poor search engine reputation management (SERM), right? In theory it should. But the reality is that your Internet reputation management matters.

The statistics on this subject are staggering. An exhaustive 2007 study commissioned by the Ponemon Institute found that over 50% of employers use the web to check out applicants. Another cross-industry study showed that more than 33% of clients will research prospective partners using simple Google and Yahoo searches – and this percentage seems to be on the rise.

Furthermore, data shows that first impressions on the Internet may be extremely sticky. In other words, once your company or brand has been tainted with negative associations via the search engines, your online reputation management strategy may be hobbled, perhaps fatally.

The good news is that you can draw on our experience with all manners of brand reputation management challenges. We deliver competent, honest, time-tested solutions, and we'll custom tailor our approach to make sure you get the maximum visibility for your efforts. Whether you're scrambling to stop/control quick moving and potentially scandalous online publicity by a rogue blogger or you're desperately vying for visibility in a competitive search sector, we'll leverage our strengths to deliver results.

"Okay," you may be thinking, "that kind of strategy sounds intuitively right. But how does Ornus Web Solutions spin damage control? What tactics does Ornus Web Solutions deploy to resurrect damaged reputations?"

What WE can do for YOU:

Think of international online reputation management as architecture. An architect doesn't simply throw up slabs of material and hope to end up with a solid building that can withstand the elements. They begin by crafting a blueprint – a diagram – that's based intimately on the needs of the client and the demands of the landscape. Only once that blueprint checks out on paper do they order the concrete mix.

Analogously, our online reputation management approach begins with a deep examination of your end goals (financial and otherwise) as well as a survey of the "search engine landscape" on which you'll be competing. Only then do we design and build an approach to make you visible using our aforementioned technology.

Combating Negative Results

Our most potent defensive technique involves ranking positive search engine results to push down the rankings of your negative results. Let's say, for instance, that an unsatisfied customer posted a ranting review of your service on a blog and now this blog comes up on Google's top 20 results whenever someone searches your company's name. We have the capability to "blow out" that negative review from Google's top 20 by creating original positive content and promoting existing positive content about your company to outrank the bad post. Of course, such an approach doesn't always work – or it may be prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, we have a wide and varied slate of online reputation management strategies and we can also draw upon our rich experiences with all manner of international online reputation management conundrums.

Proactively Promoting Your Brand and Image

With all that being said, you may still be wondering how exactly our online reputation management operation works. Let's take an example. Say you're yearning to make a newly-launched web platform for an established "real world" brand visible on the Internet. In that case, we would roll out a full court press to optimize for key terms relating to your business. We could draw upon any number of tools in our toolbox including state of the art bid management software to simplify the process of looking at and manipulating your keywords, scalability capabilities to quickly canvas multiple search engines, blog creation to get your side of the story out there, easy-to-understand and regularly delivered campaign reporting, a host of linking strategies, profile developments, and much more.

Despite all of our top tier corporate reputation management technology, we pride ourselves most on our customer care. The Internet is still a kind of "wild west" and the web's seemingly ever-changing business environment can intimidate even the most adventurous corporate cowboys. That's why we take the time to explain our strategies and tactics at every point along the way and solicit feedback from our clients so often.

No Internet reputation management battle plan can succeed in a vacuum. Indeed, search engine reputation management executed without a clear purpose in mind can actually do more harm than good.

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