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Hasumati Rahalkar
Ms. Hasumati Rahalkar
Founder / Director
Metina PharmConsulting Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai, India)
Greetings!! Trust me this is first time I am feeling happy and excited about Website going LIVE!! This is all because of ORNUS constant support, guidance and understanding of our requirements throughout the period.
We are glad to be associated with Ornus Web solution and hope to long term association hereafter.
Anish Panday
Debashish Roy
Adapt Solutions (P) Ltd. (Kolkata, India)
Ornus delivered an elegant website as per our requirements. The design has drawn applause. I am happy with the change we desired to bring and have no hesitation in recommending Ornus to anyone who needs a website or needs to redesign their existing website.
Zubair Shariff Aleem
Business Owner
ZSA Constructions (Bangalore, India)
The "Go to Guys" for anything and everything in websites, portals, e-commerce, online marketing, branding, etc.! Sandeep and his team have delivered our website in flat 3 days and during the weekend. Ornus has truly a visionary team available 24/7. Ornus has all my best wishes.
Rajiv Maniyar
Rajiv Maniyar
Lifosys Ltd. (London, UK)
Ornus delivered a great website as per our requirements. I am extremely pleased with their efforts and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who needs a website or needs to redesign their existing website.
Dr. Sunil Mirpury
Dr. Sunil Mirpury
General Practitioner (Mumbai, India)
Ornus has truly delivered an outstanding website which has received and continues to receive many praises from my patients and colleagues. A simple but elegant website design has drawn applause.
Kaneena Kadidal
Kaneena Kadidal
Managing Director
Vihangama Holiday Retreat (Thirthahalli, India)
Excellent Design, great work, Keep it up! I am absolutely amazed at the dedication, patience and hard work put in by the Ornus team to completely redesign our website. The kudos received and the additional visitors have made me very happy.
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